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My developer workstation and Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology – a performance tip

I recently discovered something interesting about running developer builds on my developer workstation. The builds were running slower on my developer workstation than they were on my lower spec laptop. This was quite surprising as my developer workstation has an i7 CPU running at 2.93 GHz and my laptop has an i5 CPU running at […]

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Generating strong random passwords in PowerShell

The sample in this posting demonstrates how to generate a random password using a cryptographically strong random number generator. The sample will generate either a password as a secure string or as a standard string. It is best practice to use secure strings for passwords but for demonstration purposes they are rather dull because by […]

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Difference between single quotes and double quotes in PowerShell

If you are new to PowerShell you may find the use of ‘ and " for enclosing strings confusing. Both single quotes and double quotes can be used to enclose a string. There is a difference and it is best to demonstrate this by example $fruit = ‘peaches, apples and mangoes’ $singleQuoteText = ‘I like […]

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